Donate to New Pathways

New Pathways relies on the generous support of the communities we serve. Your gift allows us to offer a helping hand to local families in crisis, now and into the future. If the descriptions below do not include the kind of contribution you wish to make, please contact us to discuss other possibilities.

Monthly Donation

A monthly gift may be the most useful contribution one can make to New Pathways. Just like a business, our work relies on cash flow. And just like with a family budget, most of our expenses are monthly. Your recurring donation assures us that we can meet our obligations. If we can get just 300 pledges of $50/month, we can offset the loss of government funding. Regardless of the level of support you are able to offer, please consider a monthly donation to New Pathways.

One-Time Donation

Gifts of any amount or term are vital to the New Pathways mission. We encourage individuals, families and groups to consider a generous one-time donation. Your gift can even be made in the name of a loved one or organization of your choosing.

Corporate Gift

Businesses have a long, proud history of supporting the communities in which they operate. We welcome contributions from small companies and large corporations alike. Whether you are considering a one-time donation, large gift or offering matching funds, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Foundation Grant

Our country is blessed to have so many foundations that generously support non-profits like New Pathways. If you are a foundation whose interests align with ours, or if you know of such an organization, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Shelter Wish List

Often our clients need specific resources to get back on their feet. Please check out our Shelter Wish List to see if you are able to provide any needed products or services. At New Pathways, we sincerely appreciate all contributions to our cause.