Transitional Shelter Program: Path to Home Program

A resource for families with children experiencing homelessness in Central Minnesota

New Pathways’ Path to Home program serves homeless adults with children by giving them a safe place to stay, meals, and access to case management and skills training services. 

During the day, the families go to work, school, or our family Day Center where they work on their plan to get back into a home of their own. New Pathways provides for each family’s basic needs, including shower and laundry facilities, at the Day Center.

Case management and family education are two of the most important aspects of our program. Families have a dedicated Case Manager who meets with them regularly to review their progress towards finding a home, along with helping them work through any challenges associated with that process. The Case Manager is available full time to assist with housing-related crises that might arise. Examples of a Case Manager’s duties include:

  • Help with housing application forms, as well as guidance on addressing a poor rental history, eviction, or criminal background.
  • Direction on where to find assistance for housing deposits.
  • Guidance on public transportation and direction to resources for assistance in obtaining a vehicle.
  • Help with employment applications, as well as guidance on addressing a poor work history, termination, or criminal background.
  • Direction on where to obtain clothing for interviews.
  • Assistance connecting with community resources for long term self sufficiency
    • Mental health
    • Physical health
    • Parenting resources
    • Head Start
    • Daycare providers
    • Medical assistance/health insurance
  • Help working with schools to ensure continuity of location and/or programs (such as Special Education) while child is in shelter.
  •  Training
    • Managing finances and budgeting.
    • How to be a good renter.
    • Becoming a valuable employee.
    • Effective parenting skills.
    • Other topics customized to the family’s needs.

During the evenings, area churches and their volunteers provide private sleeping accommodations, meals, and hospitality.

When our families secure housing, they are given the opportunity to access many of our resources for up to six months.