Supportive Housing for Long-Term Homeless Families

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What is long-term homelessness?

A family is considered long-term homeless if they have been continuously homeless for one year or have been homeless four or more times in the past three years.

How do I access services for long-term homeless families?

You must complete an assessment that will evaluate your current situation and homelessness history.  From this assessment, your household will be placed on a priority list for the area where you choose to reside.  When units become available, households are contacted in order of priority.  To schedule an assessment, you will need to contact your local community action council.

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Will I get help paying my rent?

The rent for units designated for long-term homelessness is subsidized and based on 30% of your income.

What types of support do you give?

New Pathways has a full-time Case Manager on site at the property who can provide assistance in developing the skills necessary to maintain your housing.  The Case Manager can help you establish a strong tenant-landlord relationship. The Case Manager can also help with budgeting and accessing community resources for mental health, substance abuse, and more.

For more information on New Pathways’ Supportive Housing Program, call 763-691-1899.