Success Stories

“This program and the staff took my family in and gave me the most humbling, life-changing gifts. Stability and freedom. I am forever in debt to them.”

“I was really scared. You always see in movies about homeless shelters, where people are in these big gyms with crazy people or whatever. Is my son going to be safe? Are we going to be safe? From the day I walked in the door, I was welcomed with open arms. They made me feel that I could do this, and that they’re here to help, and the one thing I should not have to worry about is a safe place to sleep at night. I should be able to do what I need to do.”

“I thank God each day that I decided to come to New Pathways. Having a home … is truly a dream come true.”

“Helping and giving to others the way that all of you do is a true gift of love and compassion and no words could ever explain what a treasure to families you all really are.”

“Out of the blue, my company decided one day to call and say “hey, we’re laying you off.” It was the scariest time for me. Not only because I was homeless, I was more scared because I had a son that counted on me to give him the basic needs. I was scared I was losing his trust and his faith. So, behind all this information they’re giving you and they’re guiding you, they’re not doing any of the work for you. You have to go and make something out of all this information. It was all the support that everybody deserves and needs. I just wasn’t finding it out in the community. And when I came here (New Pathways), I all of a sudden felt like I had a family.”

“My family went through a lot of bad times but all of you grabbed on to the rope and helped pull us through.”

“The first thing that I thought when I knew that we could enter New Pathways was, ‘now I have a safe place to go. We don’t need to sleep in the park again.'”

“Remember my Birthday? There (were) so many people at our church. It was almost like being with our own family.”
–New Pathways client’s son

 “Without New Pathways, I don’t know when we would have discovered Erin’s hearing loss or how to treat it.”