Transitional Services

Case management and family education are two of the most important aspects of our program. Families have a dedicated Case Manager who meets with them once a week to review their progress towards finding a home, along with any challenges associated with that process. The Case Manager is available full time to assist with housing-related crises that might arise.

Examples of a Case Manager’s duties include:

  • Help with housing application forms, including guidance on addressing a poor rental history, eviction, or criminal background.
  • Direction on where to obtain housing deposits.
  • Guidance on public transportation along with direction to resources for help in obtaining a vehicle.
  • Help with employment applications, along with guidance on addressing a poor work history, termination, or criminal background.
  • Direction on where to obtain clothing for interviews.
  • Assistance connecting with community resources for long term self sufficiency
    • Mental health
    • Physical health
    • Parenting resources
    • Head Start
    • Daycare providers
    • Medical assistance/health insurance
  • Help working with schools to ensure continuity of location and/or programs (such as Special Education) while child is in shelter.
  • Training
    • Managing finances and budgeting.
    • How to be a good renter.
    • Becoming a valuable employee.
    • Effective parenting skills.
    • Other topics customized to the family’s needs.